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3-6 Month Program

"If I could tell you one thing about my experience with Jessica Burford and her gentle guidance towards a healthier life, I’d say, JUST DO IT.  Not to sound like I’m promoting an athletic shoe, I know for a fact it is not that simple.  However, it is worth it.  Let me tell you a bit about my personal experience and why I feel like working with Jessica can make such a profound impact on your life. 

I have had chronic gastrointestinal “issues” my entire life.  I can remember thinking that this must be what everyone felt/dealt with because I didn’t know I could feel differently.  I had been misdiagnosed by several different MD’s over the years.  This is by no means putting down the need for a medical professional, but our medical system is designed to treat symptoms.  My typical medical exam would result in a pill here, a pill there, but no true exploration into the cause of my discomfort.  As an example, I was once told I could take up to 12 Imodium® tablets a day to help with my IBS symptoms.   The pills brought relief for a time, but a long term cure never materialized.  This is where Jessica with The Tangible Table comes in.

Jess actual took my life style as a whole to help ME determine where and what my problems could stem from.  I learned that everything from my sleep habits, stress level, eating, and physical exercise are all pieces of my life puzzle that must fit together to complete a healthy happy body and mind.  I had been treating a symptom and not the cause.  Trust me; I was not feeling poorly because I had an Imodium deficiency.  I felt poorly because I am gluten intolerant.  With a few candid conversations with Jessica, and some well-educated gentle guidance to look at the most obvious reasons for my symptoms, and WOW, life changed dramatically. 

Life changes are not easy, and I am not telling you that making better decisions for yourself won’t be hard, especially in our fast-food-fast-paced society.  I will tell you it is worth it.  I lost 12 pounds in the first three weeks of going “gluten free”.  I stopped suffering from insomnia due to abdominal pain.  My skin looks better.  I feel better.  Jessica’s role in my journey was as an advisor, and encourager, and educator – I did the work.  It was just great to have someone look at the whole puzzle of my life, and help me put it back together.  So if you are considering signing on with The Tangible Table to fit together all the puzzle pieces of your health and wellness, I’d recommend YOU JUST DO IT. " 

-Helen, Grand Junction, CO

10 Day Sugar Cleanse

"I did the 10 Day Sugar Cleanse with Jessica at The Tangible Table and it was a great start to clean eating for me and my family!  I was skeptical at first thinking that it wasn't really going to make much of a difference because I don't eat a lot of sugar (accept Chocolate, lol).  I was so surprised how good I felt!  I couldn't have made it a lifestyle change without the support from Jessica and the meal suggestions.  Now I feel better than ever, have lost 10 pounds, have the energy to keep up with my kids and my whole family is eating clean.  Thank you Jess!!"

-Crystal R. from Grand Junction

Arbonne 30 Days to Healthy Living & Beyond!

"Over the past 20 to 30 years I've suffered tremendously from reflux and heartburn.

I'll never forget the time I discovered the relief of Tums. It was amazing! It was shortly after that when Tums became a daily part of my life. Things only got worse for me. I ended up on Nexium and other than nearly destroying my liver and The Good Lord knows what else, it actually helped me for about 2 years but then the pain started to come back slowly but surely. I realized at that point that I was just covering my issues with a mask and I knew something else needed to happen!

Feeling uneducated about my body and prior to reaching my wit's end 4 years ago, I was watching a friend of mine evolve into somebody way better than what she was (I don't know how that was possible, because she was already very special). I called my friend and told her about my digestive issues and of course she sat me down and told me in detail the advantages of the ARBONNE cleanse. So...I started the cleanse. Thank you Breezy Osborne-Wingfield

ARBONNE has changed my life. I've not had a Tums in 4 years and I now know what to eat and what not to eat. I know the foods that hurt me and the foods that make me feel great!"

-Larry W., Little Rock, AR