The Sugar Soldiers

My youngest just had his first Twinkie.


Some guy was handing out TWINKIE'S last night! The kid inside me wanted to give him a high five. But the Mom? The Health Coach? Trying to play it cool, my anxiety began to build...

My husband's birthday is in late October and that is the beginning of sugar season in our house... Sooo many sugar (and dairy) filled treats filing into our home like little Sickness Soldiers, bringing snotty noses and mucus-ey coughs with them.

{As I type this the little one has already developed a wheeze}

Fortunately I have some tricks I like to use to help treat the weakened immune system and get it back to functioning at its best. Below are a few of the things we add to (or take away from) our regular routine. 

1. Regular Chiropractic Appointments

In addition to lowering anxiety, blood pressure, and reducing pain, regular adjustments boost the immune system. We go once a month. Even the littlest one has gone regularly since he was an infant.

2. A Good Probiotic

80% of our immune system lives in our gut. Many things can harm our children's gut flora. Fast food, sugar, bioengineered ingredients, and, of course, antibiotics to name a few. The easiest way to restore beneficial gut microbes is by taking a high-quality probiotic

3. Elderberry Syrup

Elderberries naturally contain vitamins A, B, and C and stimulate the immune system. Black Elderberries have even been shown to help avoid illness all together! In the event you or your loved one's already have sniffles, sneezes, or even flu like symptoms, elderberry syrup can be used to aide in recovery and relieve symptoms. It's pretty amazing stuff! There are many recipes online if you're ambitious enough to make your own, but this working Momma buys hers at the local health food store (or click on link above.)

4. Limit Dairy & Sugar

Let me tackle these one at a time.

Sugar- As cruel as it may sound, I let my kids enjoy their Halloween Candy, in limited quantities, for a few days and then it get's tossed (or traded in at the Dentist.) Missing school/work/extracurricular activities just isn't worth it for us, especially when we consider a sick day could be avoided by limiting the sugar in the first place.

Dairy- Conventional dairy is loaded with antibiotics. As discussed above, we know antibiotics can destroy our gut flora, which basically IS our immune system. Sometimes antibiotics are absolutely necessary but we can avoid the unnecessary ones by skipping the dairy all together. Dairy stimulates mucus build up and it's estimated that 50% of children may be suffering from an actal dairy allergy. If your child suffers from chronic runny/stuffy nose, ear infections, even asthma? Dairy could be to blame.

What are some of your favorite tricks and recipes for keeping the family well as the Sugar Soldiers march through your house?

For more information on how to keep your family health through the 'sugar season,' schedule a free consultation with me today!