Excuse me Dr. Davis...

Dr. Davis, author of Wheat Belly, recently called out Oprah Winfrey in an open letter on his blog to right, what he thought, were some incredible wrongs over her recent 'joining forces' with the well known weight loss program Weight Watchers and the message she sends through a recent ad campaign, shown here.


Let me start by saying, I recommend Wheat Belly to clients suffering from various auto-immune disorders, and think a gluten free life can have many benefits to those with and without auto-immune conditions. That being said, I couldn't help but take Dr. Davis' letter to Oprah a little personally. In my opinion, Dr. Davis is missing a HUGE part of the picture and it is clear he isn't very knowledgeable about the Weight Watchers program.

I began my health journey on the Weight Watchers program as a means to hold myself accountable. I lost 22 lbs on the program alone! All of which I've managed to keep off. Weight Watcher's can be a great stepping stone for some.

As with any proven weight loss program, yes, there are flaws and Weight Watcher's is certainly not exempt. Someone who isn't clear on the facts about fat and artificial sweeteners can be seriously misguided by the Weight Watchers program, making it dangerous and unsustainable for many members.  I'll agree, their ancient philosophy guides clients to believe low-fat is good and artificial sweeteners are ZERO points!!?? Do I even need to say Artificial Sweeteners CAUSE CANCER and make you fat!? THAT is what I believe to be outrageous about the Weight Watcher's program!!! But for some reason that is not the main focus of Dr. Davis' post.

Dr. Davis' attack on Oprah for saying you can eat bread on WW is, in my opinion, extremely out of focus. It's true you can eat bread on Weight Watchers, but bread is higher on their points system. You would run the risk of going over your allotted points for the day or, basically, starve yourself the rest of the day by choosing the sandwich, extra slice of pizza, etc. Therefore I feel Weight Watchers, in a roundabout way, is trying to discourage consumption of refined carbohydrates by encouraging participants to replace those items with healthy, whole foods that are filling and not. at. all. limiting by putting them at the top of their Power Foods list.

Couldn't it also be true that the drastic increase in obesity and diabetes has less to do with the introduction of grains into modern society and more to do with the CRAP CHEMICALS now being passed off as food by giant corporations? This includes the long list of additives in most of the breads people consider healthy, "Whole grain."

As Dr. Davis notes in his "open letter" Big Food and government agencies should be to blame over the individual who is simply a product of the system.  To carry on and make it sound like Oprah implied American's are just "Gluttonous and lazy..."  It's simply an untrue attack (reminiscent of  political mud-slinging.) Dr. Davis is so single focused and it really concerns me. I'm not the first one to call him out for being "manipulative" and a "sensationalist." Perhaps it's not too late for him to make amends and gain knowledge outside the realm of his gluten obsession. Enough with the gluten guilt trip!

What anyone should eat should be based on your own bio-individuality® and what you find works for YOU, and leaves YOU feeling your absolute best. When a diet no longer serves you than you should adjust accordingly. Though I've yet to see a Low Fat "diet" proven to prolong weight loss. In fact, more studies show quite the opposite, if you truly feel that's what YOU need to get you over a hurdle? Then by all means give it a go until it no longer serves you. And if you want a piece of bread? Have a f%*&ing piece of bread!